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Dear Students,

We have noted your feedback about the forthcoming graduation, and hope that the following helps to address some of the concerns raised.

Ever since APU’s New Campus was operational in early 2017, there were numerous queries from students as to why we were not holding the graduation on campus. Students were indeed very keen to show their parents around the campus and to experience the environment where they had studied.

Furthermore, there were persistent complaints of our traditional venues such as the environment being very cramped for parents and graduates to mingle before and after the event, serving of just finger foods, long queues for family photography, inability to bring additional guests beyond two due to restricted spaces, exceedingly long events stretching almost the whole day, limited parking and high parking charges at hotels etc.

In an effort to ensure that the event remains a truly memorable one for all graduates and families, we therefore worked towards holding the graduation ceremony on campus spread over four separate events held over two days to ensure greater convenience for the graduates and families.

The current charge is lower than what it has been for more than the last 8 years. There is a reduction of a total of RM110 for the graduate package (which includes the two guests). This represents a reduction of 17% due to the savings of not using an external venue. Everything else remains the same, so the savings have already been passed down to the graduates.

As per previous practice, on-stage photography packages are included within the graduation package. In addition, as we are holding our graduation on-campus, you will be able to enjoy free parking, free-flow pre-event snacks & refreshments, free shuttle services to & from Bukit Jalil LRT etc, for your convenience.

In addition, graduates and guests will be able to partake in a full spread lunch buffet with varieties of Malaysian & International dishes which involves higher cost as compared to just finger foods at external venues in our previous graduations.

Making comparisons with other institutions might not produce a fair comparison as their provisions may be different. We are aware of some institutions just catering for light snacks such as sandwiches/pastries and coffee/tea. The cost of catering between these light snacks and full lunch type meals inclusive of snacks is hugely different.

After 3 to 5 years of sheer hard work on your part leading to this ultimate achievement of your Degree certifications, which we are extremely proud of, there is absolutely no intention to sour this at your last formal experience with APU at your graduation. Everything that is being done is undertaken with the sincere belief and conviction that you and your families would thoroughly enjoy your graduation ceremony on campus within a truly festive atmosphere.

As your graduation ceremony is a celebration of the culmination of your perseverance over the years, be rest assured that we always have your best interests in mind, and wish at all times to provide the best overall experience for you as well as for your families and friends.

Should you have any further feedback or comments, kindly please use the Online Feedback system which is APU’s formal channel and which will ensure adequate and timely responses. Thus far, feedback received through this formal channel has been responded to promptly.

As an alternative, for issues relating to this forthcoming graduation, you may also contact Ms Kok Cheng Mun directly at

We look forward to seeing you all at the Graduation.