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Ceremony Agenda - Session Two

Registration :
1. The Registration Counters will be opened for graduates / parents / guests to register from 11:30 AM to 1:45 PM. You are required to be on time to register, as the registration counters will close at 1:45 PM sharp and no late registration will be entertained after that.
2. Signages will be placed at strategic locations area to direct you to the respective registration counters.
3. All graduates are required to register (compulsory) and collect the seat number coupon for the Graduation Ceremony. If you have paid for your parents/guest to attend the Graduation Ceremony, please collect your Guest Pass from the Registration Counters to be given to your parents/guest. Please inform your parents/guest to wear the Guest Pass before entering the Auditorium One.
4. All graduating students must register and produce the seat number coupon together with Student ID/Identity Card at the Concourse, failing which you will not be allowed to participate in the Graduation Ceremony.
Group Photography :
1. Graduates will need to be at the Atrium by 1:45 PM for group photography sessions before the Graduation Ceremony. Further instructions will be given to you.

IMPORTANT: Any latecomers will not be allowed to participate in the group photography session.

2. After the group photography, please assemble outside Auditorium One, Level 8. (kindly refer to your Graduation Day Programme)
Seating Arrangement :
1. Seat numbers will be allocated for each graduate upon registration. Kindly ensure that you DO NOT sit at a different seat, as this will disrupt the smooth flow of the graduation ceremony.
2. Graduates kindly assemble outside Auditorium One, Level 8 at 2:15 PM for further instructions.
Graduation Ceremony :
1. Please take note that all guests should wear the Guest Pass before entering Auditorium One. Any non-compliance will result in your guest(s) being denied admission into the event. Children below the age of 8 will not be allowed into Auditorium One. Should you require any special arrangements e.g. access for guests with disabilities, please let us know by 16 November 2018.
2. The graduation ceremony will commence at 2:40 PM. Graduates / parents / guests are NOT ALLOWED to leave Auditorium One during the Graduation Ceremony. You are also advised to keep silent during the ceremony.
3. The handling out of scrolls will commence after the Graduation address. When given the signal, you will be asked to move from your seat and queue up accordingly.
4. During the receiving of scrolls on the stage, your individual photographs will be taken by the photographer. Please pause for about 2 seconds and look at the photographer for your photograph to be taken. Then proceed down the stage and get your photograph number from the photographer’s assistant who will be waiting at the other end of the stage. Please ensure that you retain the photograph number given to you in order to collect your photographs later.
5. Once you have received your scroll, you are required to return and remained in your seat until the Ceremony ends.
6. When given the instructions, all graduates and parents / guests may leave Auditorium One after the Graduation Ceremony and proceed to the cafeteria for refreshments. Please note that refreshments will only be available after the conclusion of the Graduation Ceremony (est. at 3.15 PM)

PAYMENT: If you wish to have, your family photographs taken at the studio booth located at Family & Portrait studio booth located at block B, level 3. Kindly make all payments directly to the photographer on the Graduation Day. A counter will be set up for payment purposes. Please obtain the receipt/coupon for any payments made.

The photographer will be available personally at A.P.U @ TPM for collection of photograph.

Collection of Stage Photos:

  • 30 November 2018 till 1 December 2018
    • from 2.00 PM till 7.00 PM (Friday)
    • from 10.00 AM to 2.00 PM (Saturday)

Collection of Potrait & Group Photos

  • 7 December 2018 till 8 December 2018
    • from 10.00 AM till 2.00 PM (Friday)
    • from 10.00 AM till 2.00 PM (Saturday)

Thereafter, you may collect your photos from APU Administration Services, Block D, Level 4 APU Campus.

Graduation Day Programme



11:30 AM – 2:15 PM Buffet Lunch @ Centre Point, Level 3
11:30 AM – 1:45 PM Registration for graduates / parents / guests @
Student Services Counter, Level 3

Group Photography for
Lecturers & Graduates @
Atrium, Level 3


Registered Guests may proceed to:
Auditorium 1, Level 7 or
Auditorium 2, Level 7 (for Live

2:15 PM Assembly of Graduates @ Outside Auditorium 1, Level 7
2:25 PM Graduates’ Procession @ Auditorium 1, Level 7
2:35 PM Academic Procession @ Auditorium 1, Level 7
‘Negaraku’ (National Anthem)
2:40 PM Commencement of Ceremony

  • Welcome Address by Vice Chancellor of Asia Pacific University
  • Graduation Address by Deputy Vice Chancellor of Staffordshire University,UK
  • Valedictorian Speech
3:00 PM Graduation Ceremony
3:20 PM (est.)
  • Congratulatory Address by CEO of APIIT Education Group
    End of CeremonyRefreshments will be served at Level 7, Outside Auditorium 1
    from 3:15pm to 4:15pm